Brother Printer DCP7065DN

Brother Printer DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Copier Review

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Printer DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Copier

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On February 7, 2015
Last modified:February 7, 2015


I was looking for a small sized printer for my small business. The Brother Printer DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Multi-function Copier is a great laser printer that fills my needs with complete ease. I saw it at my friend’s house and found it quite efficient for all my business and home chores. My friend was very happy with its services and suggested that I buy it immediately. I own this printer and am using it daily, it is one of the best purchases I’ve made, and definitely one of the the best printers that I’ve used for any of my businesses.

Here are some of its technical details:

  • Brother DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Printer/Copier is a multi-functional laser copier best suited for small offices.
  • This printer offers high quality mono-chrome laser printing, copying and color scanning in one go up to 27rpm.
  • It does not require any Personal computer and can copy on standalone basis.
  • It is an auto document feeder with 35 pages of capacity. It can scan emails, images and various OCR files absolutely hassle free. I can copy or scan multiple documents in one go without getting aggravated.
  • It comes equipped with the built in Ethernet network interface and facilitates sharing with many users on the network. It can connect itself with a single computer locally through USB interface.
  • Its automatic duplex produces 2 sided outputs.
  • Its elastic paper handling offers high convenience to me. Its tray has a capacity of 250 sheets and can be adjusted accordingly. The manual bypass slot prints thicker media.
  • Its two 600 pages high yielding replacement toner cartridges facilitates at very less operating costs.


  1. Printing is pretty fast on the Brother Printer DCP7065DN . It hardly takes 20 sec to take out the first print out.
  2. It is quite reasonable in cost. It has an appealing look and you can buy it for merely $110.
  3. It is low in energy consumption.
  4. Its solid drivers or software are compatible with Mac. I have no idea about its compatibility with windows.
  5. It offer stress free and smooth duplex printing.
  6. You do not require any computer to copy your content.
  7. It comes equipped with super light of 25 lbs with a small footprint.
  8. Its toner cartridges are economical in cost.
  9. It has a button which when pressed stops the existing printing job. It is not like other printers that terminate the whole operation that have not even initiated.



  • You need to be conscious while closing its flatbed scanner as its scanner lid is loaded with delicate spring. So be kind with its closing. It opens up to 45 degrees only instead of 90 degrees though I can take out all my Xerox copies easily.
  • It does not support Linux very well.
  • The automatic document feeding fails to scan double sides of the pages. However, you can primarily scan on one side and later on print on the other sides.

I would highly recommend Brother Printer DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Multi-function Copier to all those who want to have a printer for small business purposes within budget.

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